Find out more about our culture at Chick-fil-A North Decatur.

If you haven’t yet, fill out a complete application on Snag-a-job.  

Please complete the following steps so that you are fully onboarded with Chick-fil-A North Decatur and ready to contribute to our team.



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1. Check your email for a link to review and complete all necessary paperwork.

Emergency Contact Information  |  Employee Eligibility (I-9)  |  S

State & Federal Withholding Information  |  Policy & Procedures Review  |  Etc.

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2. Sign on to HotSchedules

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email.  It will also include login information. Set your availability ASAP so that we can make the schedule accordingly.  Setting availability is much easier with a computer versus using the mobile app.

DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APP:  Google Play or Apple App Store

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3.. Logon to Slack. 

Slack is our group communication tool. Use Slack to receive messages and communicate with other Team Members.  It’s our primary form of digital communication.

DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APP:  Google Play or Apple App Store

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4. Logon to Chick-fil-A Pathway

As a new Team Member you will receive an email with Chick-fil-A Login Procedures. Pathway is the Chick-fil-A training platform.  Training plans are available, and you can also search for specific content.

DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APP:  Google Play or Apple App Store

5. Become familiar with our growth and development strategy

Visit our CFA North Decatur Intranet site and learn more about growth opportunities and our strategy to develop leaders.